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most of our food products are direct imports from many different parts of Greece
CHEESE: GREEK IMPORTED FETA (100% SHEEP'S MILK) , 13Kg ROUMANIAN IMPORTED FETA (100% SHEEP'S MILK), 13Kg OPA KALAMATA SAGANAKI BOULGARIAN IMPORTED FETA , 13Kg DOMESTIC FETA , 5Gal TELEMES FETA , 13Kg FETA BARREL , 110Lb KEFALOGRAVIERA WHEEL , 23.5Lbs ROMANO CHEESE GRATED , 4x5Lb PARMESAN CHEESE GRATED KASERI IMPORTED OLIVE OIL: TITAN OLIVE OIL, X-VIRGIN , 12x750ml TITAN OLIVE OIL, X-VIRGIN , 24x250ml TITAN OLIVE OIL, X-VIRGIN , 6x3lt TITAN OLIVE OIL, X-VIRGIN , (tin)16Kg POMACE OIL , 6x1Gal VEGETABLE OIL IMPORTED OLIVES: BLACK OLIVES COLOSSAL , 12Kg GREEN OLIVES COLOSSAL , 12Kg GREEN OLIVES MAMMOTH , 12Kg KALAMATA OLIVES COLOSSAL, 12Kg KALAMATA OLIVES GIANT , 12Kg KALAMATA OLIVES JUMBO , 12Kg KALAMATA OLIVES X-JUMBO , 12Kg KALAMATA OLIVES LARGE , 12Kg KALAMATA OLIVES X-LARGE , 12Kg KALAMATA OLIVES SUPERIOR, 12Kg KALAMATA OLIVES CRACKED , 12Kg IMPORTED PASTA: TSAMIS CHILOPITES 100% GREEK HOME MADE 10lb and 20 lb PENNE RIGATE (mostaccioli), 20x1Lb CONCHILIETTE ( sm shell) , 20x1Lb SPAGHETTI #3 (pastichio) , 20x1Lb SPAGHETTI #6 (regular) , 20x1Lb SPAGHETTI #10(angel hair) , 20x1Lb ROTINI (fusilli) , 20x1Lb RIGATONI , 20x1Lb LIGUINI , 20x1Lb ELBOW MACARONI , 20x1Lb ORZO , 20x1Lb TOMATO PRO: cans 6/10 whole tomato diced tomato tomato sauce spaghetti sauce tomato puree tomato paste ketchup MEATS: ribs steaks pork tenderloin pork chops chicken chicken tenders SPICES: (ALL SPICES IN GALLONS AND BOWL'S) TSAMIS 100%GREEK HOMEMADE OREGANO JUICES: lemon juice 12/32oz tomato juice 12/64oz apple juice 30/64oz PAPERS: toilet paper hand paper OTHER PRODUCTS: Anthos greek imported comb honey Rizopoulos cofee 100gr and 500gr granulated garlic lentil beans gigantes capers sun dried tomato rosted red peppers red crushed peppers pepperoncini 4x1gal pepperoncini 5 gal pepperoncini barel 120kg 100% greek homemade vinegar 4/1 gal


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